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Rick Sherry

Old-Timey Americana

Chicago, IL

Most white folk these days be playing "the blues music" (you know, the hackneyed, soulless, tourist-blues with the wailing guitar solos and the watered-down Cream approach that appeals to all them rusting old hippies with their neatly trimmed pony tails and faded Canned Heat @ Monterey Pop T's.) Rick plays blues. He also plays country. Ragtime. Hot Jazz. Hillbilly. It's all the same to him. It's all taken from the same well called American Music that existed long before wise guy marketing goons decided to categorize the whole mess.

Rick plays every Wednesday at the world famous Hideout in Chicago, IL with his group Devil In A Woodpile. 


In his free time, rick enjoys being a Sanctified Grumbler. 

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