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Parker Lee Williams

Music Direction

Chicago, IL

Born and raised in New York City, the son of famous jazz drummer LeRoy Williams, Parker grew up in the music industry.  After graduating from Columbia College in Chicago, Parker began his most notable work for Harpo Studios in 1990. Starting as an intern, Parker moved into roles as Tape Room Assistant and Assistant Editor, all the while selecting and organizing music for the edits . His outstanding and exciting creative work was recognized and rewarded by promotion to Music Director for Harpo Studios/Productions as well as later for the Dr. Oz Show as well. In this role he developed the Harpo Sounds Library, producing and directing creation of unique memorable music for each Harpo Production and for promos as well. 

This Library not only enhanced the musical quality of these productions but earned Harpo millions of dollars while doing so. For many years Parker supervised and  directed all of the music for the Oprah Winfrey Show, selecting the music to evoke every emotion and mood. He created themes for other Harpo and OWN productions and was able to link musical excellence with financial profit. Of course while doing all of this he managed to create a record company, find time to produce a wide range of records and even to win nominations for two daytime Emmy’s.

In his additional free time, Parker enjoys reminiscing about living through and being a part of the 1980's hip-hop movement in NYC, with his brothers and sisters in the Cold Crush Crew. 

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