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Mike "Hero" Herrero

Hip- Hop / Promo

Chicago, IL


Mike Hero's discography in the Chicago rap community screams street cred. Working with Chicago's notorious gangster rap groups Psychodrama, Qualo, Speedknot Mobstas, Ready and Profound for literally thousands of hours in smoke filled studios is how Mike sharpened his sword in music production. "It was his raw aesthetic mixed with my blues and jazz background that was a perfect fit for Harpo", says his brother Dave. "Urban and contemporary, but sampling big box guitars, upright bass and B-3 organ made out sound less menacing and more digestible for the Harpo market". Mike is Co-CEO of TrackForce Productions, a professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago teaching classes in the history of hip-hop and digital sound production. He also teaches hip-hop songwriting and production in Chicago's inner city neighborhoods in conjunction with Foundations of Music. Mike recently gave a talk for TEDx Evanston in student directed learning.


Mike Hero is an integral part of the quality control of TrackForce Productions, as he goes over every composition with a fine tooth comb before submission, to assure TrackForce is providing nothing but top notch compositions that are well mixed and mastered before they fly out into the world. Mike handles a majority of our production for our urban and pop music divisions. 


In his free time, Mike enjoys pushing "it" to the limit. 

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