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Jake Oh

Pop / Electronica

Stockholm, SE

Sony / ATV producer Jacob "Jake Oh" Olofsson has been an integral player in developing the TrackForce catalog for Harpo Productions, and has also been our segue into the commercial music market. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden (now in L.A.), Jacob has had an incredible string of chart topping number one hits in Korea with the K-Pop group, "Winz" and in Europe with Marlene's, "Stay Awake" and Astrid's "2 A.M.". He has now focused on the US market and recently relocated to Los Angeles and formed his new group "Jarami" and is writing and producing for contemporary US pop artists. Classically trained since the age of 5, Jake contributes many classical and promo compostions, as well as contemporary pop and R&B cues as well. He has been a part of the TrackForce family since 2006.


In his free time, Jake Oh enjoys making friends with sea lions and vacationing in Paris.

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