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David Hayes

Acoustic / Rock

Chicago, IL

Though his name graces venue calendars around Chicago and three stellar albums, even David Hayes himself might tell you that his true growth as a performer and songwriter has come from places and people outside himself. Whether it’s from bandmates, family or those he teaches music to nearly 40 times a week, Hayes continues to mature, learn and balloon his talents. He's that rare performer where referring to his sound as a constant work-in-progress isn't a detriment, but a selling point.

 Hayes' brother died in 2010, shortly before Hayes had asked to borrow money from him to master his debut album In With The Old. This life event heavily influenced his second release, Out With The New (2012). He released Epics (2014) and managed to get some radio recognition and landed a couple of songs in the indie film “Out of the Heart.” 
Now David Hayes is back with Epics (acoustic 2015), a revamp of the previous year’s rocker with no electric instrumentation. Inspired by acoustic tracks from albums like Led Zeppelin III and the MTV “unplugged” albums Epics (acoustic) shows the arranging capabilities from Hayes. Some songs deal with, or involve, local law enforcement. "Paranoid" covers being called (and eventually pulled over) by Chicago Police, being asked if he murdered someone earlier - his car's make and model matched the description of the suspect’s car. Other songs such as “Persistent Memory” and “Behind You” deal with love, loss, and pain. To record the same album twice and still find the magic in it is a feet in itself.


In his free time, David enjoys roadtrips to Nashville and Cubs games.

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