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 Zachary Drummond

Americana / Rock

Chicago, IL

The Maarud Brothers

Rock / Country

Oslo, NO

Sal Cordova

Electronica / Dubstep

Chicago, IL

 Felix Reyes

Americana / Blues

Oak Park, IL

 Mike Gallagher


Chicago, IL

 Nate Johnson


Madrid, ES

 Ed Strohsahl

Funk / Ambient / Jazz

New Orleans, LA

 Sean McCarthy

Blues / Rock

Austin, TX

 Ari Seder

Funk / Blues / Jazz

Chicago, IL

 Pete Galanis

Blues / Rock / Acoustic

Chicago, IL

 Brian Leach


Chicago, IL

Music Direction & Composers

 Dave Herrero

Blues / Rock / Drama

Chicago, IL

 Steve Mullen

Classical / Jazz

Chicago, IL

 Jake Oh

Pop / Electronica

Stockholm, SE

 Mike Herrero

Hip-Hop / Promo

Chicago, IL

 David Hayes

Acoustic / Rock 

Chicago, IL

 Billy Branch

Chicago Blues

Chicago, IL

 Rick Sherry

Old-Timey Americana

Chicago, IL

 Parker Williams

Music Direction

Chicago, IL

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