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TrackForce is happy to announce a partnership for 2017 with 2x Emmy award nominee, Music Director for Harpo Sounds and the Oprah Winfrey Show, Parker Williams, to create a new venture, Who'z The Boss Music Productions. Who'z the Boss offers three services to television production houses. With our team of over 30 writers from all over the world, we can 1) Custom build the production house their very own contemporary and current sounding library based on the current sound of the show that will be exclusive to and owned by the production house, that will garner a portion of publishing royalties to the production house. 2) The licensing of our current catalog of over 2500 compositions and 3) We offer a service to remix the show's current catalog and library to make them more contemporary and unique. We are very excited to see what 2017 has in store for Who'z the Boss Music Productions. New website coming soon. 



About TrackForce 

For more information on TrackForce Productions, please contact us at :


Chicago, IL

The Herrero Brothers

More about TrackForce:


Established in 2004 by the Herrero Brothers, TrackForce Productions is a music production company consisting of 20 diverse composers from around the world; each a specialist in their respective genre. 


Blending the finest tools in digital and analog technology, we specialize in custom crafted high quality compositions with a quick turn around, at times in as little as 24 hours. 


Recent clients include, Harpo Studios, Universal Music Group, Telepictures, SONY, ESPN, TMZ, MTV, Extra and



Trackforce currently has over 1000 compositions in the Harpo Sounds Music Library. 


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